Eligibility for Expungement of Charges

The charge(s) was dismissed or found Not Guilty.

Misdemeanor charges – eligible after 5 years after the completion of jail sentence or probation, whichever is later, although some can be filed sooner depending on charge and age at time of offense.

Some felony charges – eligible after 10 years after the completion of prison sentence or probation, whichever is later.

DWI charge – this is not eligible for expungement except when dismissed.

Cost for Expungement

For dismissed charges in Caldwell County: $250.00 for District Court; $350.00 for Superior Court

Multiple dismissed charges in District Court or Superior Court are included in one cost.

For other expungements, cost will depend on charge, court and eligibility. Please contact us for a cost estimate.

Burke County or Catawba County dismissal expungements are $350.00/$450.00. Please contact us for other counties.


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